The Adventure

    DogsnJeeps started through wanting to seek bigger adventures. We wanted to adventure as a way to promote and improve mental health, gain knowledge of the outdoors, gain skills around a vehicle platform, and build a community- all while doing it with our dogs!

    Our team consists of people just like yourself to combat veterans from the war in Afghanistan. We look to help others in their quest of knowledge and adventure. We aim to promote mental health and resiliency through community. Everyone has a story and DogsnJeeps looks to add another story to your journey.

Our main vehicle platform is the vintage Jeep, however, you can use whatever vehicle you have - just get out and learn how to drive, fix or repair, upgrade, and maintain your vehicle. For the foreseeable existence of humans the vehicle will be the main mode of transportation. We must begin to learn these platforms  in order to use them without the assistance of a mechanical shop or business. Does this mean you need to know how to do an engine swap? No, but it does mean you should know how to do routine maintenance and planning around the capabilities of your vehicle. 

We look forward to having you on our adventure and learning from you!